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(and the) Baby Carriage!

Be the Confident Parent You Imagine.

We know that you want to have a positive birth experience. We also know that it can be overwhelming to know who to trust or where to begin. We are here to help.

"Thank you again so much for your time & expertise yesterday evening! It was very helpful & clarifying for us as a couple." 

"If you do one thing to prepare for a coming babe, TAKE THIS WORKSHOP!"

"Thank you so much Amity! We enjoyed spending this time together and really enjoyed your facilitation." 

"Thank you for your creative, sensitive and right on target session. You are a delight and treasure!" 

"Today was AMAZING! Looking forward to next week already."

Sandra Farmer

enCircle Birth

Parents are not the only people we support. Birth works also need care for their journey. If are dreaming of you work with parents in the childbearing year, or an experienced birth worker welcome!

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Our comfortable, family-friendly classroom is closed. All classes are virtual until further notice.

We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of grown-ups and children by fostering meaningful relationships, emotional connection, and unconditional love.