Classes & Workshops for Birthing & Early Parenting

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Ready to feel ready for birth and parenting?

Our in-person and online childbirth classes & early parenting workshops might be just the right thing.

Getting ready for parenthood can be overwhelming, but at Thresholds, we make it special.

With the right information and support, you can have a positive experience, even if your plan twists and turns a bit.

"We had such a sweet evening together after class, reflecting on what was helpful and sharing with each other. We are so grateful!"

Hello, I am Amity Kramer.

Amity Kramer

I'm glad you are here. I'm a multi-passionate doula with 15 years of experience as a doula, childbirth educator, coach, facilitator, mentor, and mom to 3 kiddos.

We are all about giving babies the best start in life by helping parents build strong and healthy relationships.

I've had the honor of working with over 1,000 amazing families who were determined to bring their babies into the world with grace, confidence and LOVE.

When parents get along, kids thrive.

You'll find support from pregnancy through early parenthood at the best price possible.

You will save over $300 and gain access to help you AND your partner gain:

  • Confidence
  • Connection
  • Clarity!

"If you do one thing to prepare for a coming babe, TAKE THIS WORKSHOP!"

Looking For A Birth or Postpartum Doula To Support Your Family?

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We Can Help You Find The Perfect Doula

In addition to attending a childbirth class, having a doula can also improve your birth and postpartum experience. We have a rich connection with birth and postpartum doulas who serve the greater Seattle area. We would love to make finding a doula stress-free.

The research is clear: birth is better with a doula by your side.

enCircle Birth Doula Training & Advanced Doula Skills

Seattle Childbirth Classes

We would love to support you on your journey to becoming a birth doula.

If you are looking for and in-depth:

  • birth doula training
  • emotion and relationship based training
  • personalized mentorship

You are in the right spot and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best part of being a birth doula is getting to be someone's first friend!