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If so, we've got just the thing for you!

Our in-person and online childbirth classes & parenting workshops are designed for you.

Getting ready for parenthood can be overwhelming, but at Thresholds, we make it special.

With the right information and support, you can have a positive experience, even if your plan twists and turns a bit.

You will learn the basics of birth and parenting, prepare for the emotional changes, and you'll also gain insights into building stronger relationships with your partner and family.

Grow beyond the worry and finally feel ready for this exciting new phase of life.

"We had such a sweet evening together after class, reflecting on what was helpful and sharing with each other. We are so grateful!"

"Today was AMAZING! Looking forward to next week already."

"Thank you for your creative, sensitive and right on target session. You are a delight and treasure!"

"Amity's classes really helped me connect with my emotions which I've struggled to have a connection with my entire life! At 40 years old, better late than never!"

"This has been a great class. I've been extremely impressed with how you've been able to cover a lot of territory while staying somewhat unbiased and not presenting everything as though there is a "right" way. Even if the discussion took an opinionated turn, you gracefully and tactfully steered that thought/ issue/ opinion to a less biased place. I felt comfortable asking any and all questions without feeling awkward or judged by you."​​​​​​​​​​

"This class has helped us in so many ways - being aware of, naming & embracing our own emotions; being more emotionally connected in our marriage; and helping our kids process their emotions.  Highly recommend!"

The 3 factors that will determine your future wellbeing.

1. your birth experience

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Are you ready to turn your worries into excitement?

With Birthing From Within childbirth class, you will learn how to draw upon your life experience to tap into your unique coping style and comfort needs.

This workshop will leave you and your birth partner feeling more joyful, confident, and best of all-- ready to welcome your little one to the dry side.


2. Emotional Wellness

Love Alive Workshop Online

Emotional wellness is key to feeling connection.

In the Emotional Education for Parents workshop you'll discover practical tools and strategies to help you grow as a partner and parent.

So many problems within families start with unmet emotional need and insufficient validation.

You will stop waisting time in dead end dialog and enjoy the boost of energy that comes from being fully understood and supported.


3. Positive Relationships

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Adjusting to parenthood is loaded with unique challenges.

That's why we highly recommend utilizing the proven strategies shared during the Bringing Baby Home workshop, which are based on extensive research and expertise from the Gottman Institute.

Learn how to maximize connection in your day-to-day activities to enable the supportive problem solving when issues arise.


Save big on all 3 childbirth and parenting classes

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"If you do one thing to prepare for a coming babe, TAKE THIS WORKSHOP!"

"Thank you so much Amity! We enjoyed spending this time together and really enjoyed your facilitation."

"I wanted thank you for your class yesterday. I love your style of teaching and relaying important information in a storytelling and relational way, and with such great humor—you’re very skilled at what you do.
We left your class feeling closer in ways I can’t quite put my finger on.
I feel more confident and supported going into my second birth thanks to you." -Carley

Hello, I am Amity Kramer.

Amity Kramer

Hello there! I'm glad you are here. I'm Amity Kramer, a multi-passionate doula with 15 years of experience being a doula, facilitator, mentor, and mom to 3 kiddos.

At Thresholds, I'm passionate about giving babies the best start in life by helping parents build strong and healthy relationships.

Because when parents get along, their kids thrive.

Throughout my career, I've had the honor of working with over 1,000 amazing families who were determined to bring their babies into the world with grace, confidence and LOVE. I've seen this happen even in hard situations.

What I've learned after all of this time is that you don't get to control everything that happens, but you can make all the decisions with information, compassion, and conviction.

It won't be easy, but I'm here to help you learn the skills needed to feel like a champion.

No matter what.

Thanks for reading this and please reach out if you have any questions!

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Looking For A Birth Doula?

In addition to attending a childbirth class, having a doula can also improve your birth and postpartum experience. We have a rich connection with birth and postpartum doulas who serve the greater Seattle area. We would love to make finding a doula stress-free.


New and future doulas!

If you are looking for emotion and relationship based training and mentorship you are in the right spot and I look forward to hearing from you.

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