Thresholds is an independent business in the Puget Sound that is dedicated to relationship based workshops for the many transitions of life. Our work is process focused, which means you decide what is best for you based on your values and desires. We are nonjudgmental and honor the way that you walk through the world.

Thresholds was found in 2008 by Amity Kramer and has expanded from her work as a doula to a physical space in North Seattle where a collective of providers work with couples and individuals.


  • 1 We are a refreshing collective of wise humans.
  • 2 We exist to support people in practical and intuitive ways. We are dedicated to serving the greater good through our professional and personal work.
  • 3 We believe that our offerings should be available to all who desire them and provide our services to families in need of financial assistance.

- Charlene, Katie, Catherine & Amity (Barrie, Sandra, and Karen not pictured!)

Want to teach with us, or have a creative way we can collaborate?