How you are supported in pregnancy and labor will have a lifelong impact on your memories. When you hire a birth doula or meet with a childbirth mentor you benefit from a renewed peace of mind during this exciting and often stressful time.

While providers and nurses are focused on clinical tasks, a doula is able to give you and your partner undivided attention. I provide emotional and physical support to parents before, during, and after the birth. I work with all families and in all birth settings throughout North Seattle. 


In labor, you need experienced, knowledgeable and reliable support. Our service can be customized and may include:

  • 2 meetings before your due date to explore birth preferences.
  • 24/7 on-call support until you go into labor.
  • A back-up doula for days doula is unavailable due to teaching commitment, illness, or emergency.
  • 1 to 2 hours post birth care in home, hospital or birth center.
  • 2 two-hour postpartum visits.
  • Free attendance to our Nourishing Newborns & Birthing From Within childbirth prep classes.



Current openings are for due dates after February 2021. I accept two clients each month. Schedule your interview to explore how we can work together. Fee is on a sliding scale basis from $1800 - $2200.

Choosing your birth doula is an important step in preparing for your upcoming birth.  I want to be sure you feel 100% confident in your choices for your birth team. I offer a free initial consultation in your home or our office to learn more about your needs and answer your questions about my role as a birth doula. No obligation, no cost. Simply a chance to learn more and discern the best fit for your birth needs.  I often meet with potential clients in their 2nd trimester, but you are welcome to call me even at 40 weeks of pregnancy!

Photo by Cameron Zegers
Photo by Cameron Zegers
Photo by Cameron Zegers
Photo by Cameron Zegers
Photo by Cameron Zegers
Photo by Cameron Zegers

Curious to learn more about the experience of working with Amity as your birth doula? Here are some FAQ answered by my former doula clients Stef & Nick Demas:

How did having Amity help improve the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience?

We met Amity through taking her birth class.  So her role in preparation as a teacher and a doula blends together a bit.  For us, Amity very kindly and thoughtfully asked us questions that got us thinking about what we might need before, during, and after our sons birth. She didn't give us a list of things to do, but instead helped us to think about who we are as individuals and as a couple, and based on that what we might need in this process.

Was she able to keep all the appointments and time commitments?


How did her personality work for you as a doula?

For us, she had just the right balance of calmness and spunk. She was never overbearing and yet we could always feel her presence.  It was important to us to have a doula that didn't compromise or butt in on our connection as a couple, and we were delighted to find that Amity only supported and strengthened our connection as a couple.

Did you interview multiple doulas?  What made you pick Amity?

We didn't. Because we took the childbirth class for 7 weeks with Amity we really knew we wanted her as our doula. She encouraged us to meet other doulas, and did bring one along to one of our meetings as a back up, but we were always banking on having Amity 🙂

Were there any particular times during labor or birth where Amity's expertise was exceptionally helpful or comforting? What did she do?

There were so many times! She was extremely helpful in the midst of contractions, in the decision process of when to go to the hospital (we wanted to labor at home for as long as possible and then give birth at the hospital), and really in every single part of labor she was very present. It's hard to describe everything she does. Part of it is knowing what to say when and how to talk us through things. But a lot of it is also holding space for us and being someone in the room that has a sense of what you're going through and that it's going to be ok. Labor is intense, and to have her as someone who knows the intensity and can stay grounded in that, is so so helpful in keeping yourself grounded in labor. Looking back we would have payed double her fee for everything Amity did for us. We cannot imagine labor without her.

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