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Dear Seattle Birth Workers,

Supporting a family during the childbearing year is intense and rewarding. I believe that we need to support each other, so we can support new families. Together let's end birth worker burn out!

You are invited you to join our mission to make the next evolution of birth better than in any other time in history. 


Hope to meet you soon, 





600 x 600

Supporting Birthing Families in Recovery

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

7pm-9pm | $ Pay What You Can

Mentors: Angie Dobbins-Frisbie & Amity Kramer


enCircle Doula Trainings

Have you always longed to care for laboring people?

This training is personal and in-depth and designed to help you feel fully confident as you step into your new role as a birth doula. Small groups allow you to bring your specific questions and interests.

Photo of Macall Gordan, Infant sleep speicalist

Navigating Infant Sleep

With Macall Gordon, Infant Sleep Specialist

Help your clients have realistic sleep expectations that are based on the best research available. Macall Gordon and Amity Kramer will help simplify this monster of a topic. Click on the purple button to learn more and register. 


Meg Heather Ford

Holding Power in the Birth Space


With Meg Heather Ford

The hours before, during, and after a birth are powerful! This workshop will provide additional colors in the diverse tapestry of POWER in the birth space. Come ready to explore and connect to your own power. You will learn creative ways to use it to enhance the experience of birth for yourself and those you serve.

Catherine Fenner breastfeeding class lactation

First Latch + First Days

Come learn all you need to know to support your clients in the early nursing sessions. Catherine Fenner, IBCLC will lead a workshop that will help you nurture a new family in the first hours and days after birth.

March 9, 2021 | 7-9pm PST

Supporting Families in Grief

Supporting Families in Grief

This is a special opportunity to prepare ourselves and all involved when the dreams of a new baby turn to heartbreak. 

engaged couples workshops

Trauma Informed Care for Birth Professionals

Learn the basics of trauma informed care to help you be a supportive in the most unexpected circumstances.