Healing will allow for more energy for yourself and baby.

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Birth Story Listening

After the birth of a baby there is little time to rest. The adjustment period can be hard and it can be even harder for parents who faced challenges during birth or postpartum.

The Birth Story Listening process will help you learn about yourself by giving you time and space to explore your inner terrain. A one time session will use a blend of visualization, art, movement, storytelling and deep listening.

You will have an opportunity to share your story and a Birthing From Within mentor will be with you each step of the way to support you wherever you are in your process.

You will discover:

  • How it feels to be more at peace with your birth story.
  • Ways you can tap into mindfulness and ease stress and regret around your birth story.
  • A new perspective or shift allowing you to carry your birth story in a new way.

These sessions are ideal for parents who want to foster growth and create positive meaning in their birth story.  If you have had a challenging experience around birth and would like to shed light into your story, book your private session now. People can not just wish their negative experience away, but with deep listening and guided reflection the growth process can take shape.

Each of our team members offering private sessions is certified in Birth Story Listening, bringing a unique lens and skill set to help you process your birth story. We are mentors who know that a challenging birth or even an experience that on the outside looks normal, can leave lingering feelings that are unwanted.

**Note that Birth Story Healing is not intended to be a replacement for the services a mental health professional can provide.

COST: A 2-hour private session $150.

AVAILABILITY: In-person sessions or online via Zoom by appointment.

LOCATION:  All appointments are online via Zoom.

Note: This session is for parents only. Babies need to have off-site childcare.

Meet Your Mentor

A SPECIAL NOTE FROM AMITY:  Years ago I believed that if a person took the right classes, read enough books, or ate the right foods that their birth would be smooth and easy. After having my own kids and attending births as a doula I learned that that was NOT the case.

I saw people who did everything “right”, who still were left feeling awful and wishing for a different birth. I knew there was a better way. That is when I encountered the magic of Birthing From Within. By focusing on this experience (whatever it is) as a Rite of Passage, not a medical event; every single parent can make meaning from their birth experience.

“My labor and delivery went according to plan. Yet I was suffering deeply and felt traumatized from birth. What was wrong with me? The session with Barrie truly gave me a transformative shift in perspective.”

“I am so glad I did birth story listening. It was a positive, healing experience. I felt like she facilitated the healing process in a compassionate and sensitive way.”

“As a doula and a childbirth educator myself, I trusted Barrie to provide Birth Story Listening for my husband after my own birth. He felt safe to share his story, and found her skillful, compassionate listening to be very helpful in his healing process.”

“I experienced such healing in two sessions, compared with other types of therapies that can take weeks and months to see progress. She was highly skilled in guiding my heart towards acceptance and understanding and healing in a short amount of time, yet it was not rushed in any way.”

first time mom

“I no longer hold onto the difficulty memories. Instead, I have more clarity and a deeper love of myself and my baby through my birth experience. She helped me get to that place when I couldn’t get there alone, and I highly recommend a session to anyone who feels stuck or troubled when they consider their birth story.”

first time mom

“I met with Barrie for two Birth Story Listening sessions, one to address the emotional difficulty I had with my birth experience, and another for my postpartum time. I love that her expertise is in birth trauma, and her method is very effective and efficient in her sessions.”

first time mom

“I felt so held and respected as I shared the intimacies and defining moments of my birth story. The way she listened and asked questions to help me deepen into my own meaning making and unpacking was healing.”

first time mom

“Amity is a skilled, intuitive, warm and bright presence. I am so grateful we were able to spend an afternoon together! She made me feel at home in a very new life as mom.”

first time mom

“For the majority of our time together, I shared my birth story. Not the image managed, recited version I tell those who inquire. I shared how I felt during labor, the images and memories that have both transformed and haunted me.”


“Her breadth of experience working with new parents and attending births is embodied in a way that allows for your unique story and experience to be heard, seen, respected and affirmed. There was no right or wrong way to be in her presence, and no judgement of how your baby entered the world.”

first time mom