The Hospital Bed Birth Trap | Don’t Get Stuck In Labor

It’s been normalized that people laboring in the hospital need to stay in the hospital bed.

Don’t fall for what the media is telling you. I’ve been attending births for 15 years and have seen a lot over the years. You can stay in the bed if you want to, but it’s not what I suggest.

During your labor try to out of the bed for as long as you can, then if you need to stay in bed, ask your nurse for help with changing positions every 30-45 minutes. Well, if you are sleeping and really comfortable, maybe stay put for a bit longer than that.

You can take your wires and IV pole for a spin!

Bring your slippers and see if you can dance with your IV pole.

I know that sounds silly, but it just might help bring some fun into the labor room even if you are connected. For as long as you can, keep moving your body.

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