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My Doula Story (by Amity)

I attended my first labor when I was just 16 years old when my older sister gave birth to my niece on my birthday! I witnessed the power of birth that day. I also learned that it is not just about the birth of a baby. Birth is the beginning of a new family with…

relationship books for parents

The Best Books to Read if You Can’t Take a Bringing Baby Home Class

If you were going to read just one book on relationships I think my favorite these days is What Makes Love Last by John Gottman, PH.D. and Nan Silver. The reason I like this book is it give detailed strategies to battle critical and defensive behaviors. These two traits are like a revolving door of doom for otherwise happy couples.…

Remembering the life and death of Martin Luther King Jr.

Remembering the life and death of Martin Luther King Jr.

I believe it is important to talk about life and death openly. Those two events are the two equalizer of humanity and I think it better for all of us to remember that death may be right behind us on a regular basis. The start of this month marked 50 years since the death of…


Why Take a Childbirth Class?

Attending a childbirth class gives parents an opportunity like nothing else in pregnancy. In Seattle and around the Sound, there are a wide variety of class offerings at local hospitals, local nonprofits and independent small businesses, including classes that focus on hypnotherapy, mindfulness, father-coached birth, out-of-hospital births, yoga and birth as a rite of passage.…

4 ways to boost pleasure

Four Simple Ways to Boost Pleasure

1 Smell something yummy. Vanilla, cinnamon, flowers, grass, soap… 2 Next time you wash your hands, linger a moment to enjoy the warm water. 3 Feel something soft. 4 Close your eyes and count to ten.