I write for pregnant people, parenting families, and doulas. All about improving childbirth and relationships. 

I've been a doula for 15 years and am rising my own 3 kids.

My life is a typo! I make one little mistake after another. Nothing in my life is perfect and this blog is no different.

Here you will find a mash-up of thoughts about birth, pregnancy, relationships, and parenting. Enjoy!

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3 Big Parenting Mistakes That Will Make Everyday Harder And How You Can Shift To Enjoy Your Kids More

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Don’t miss out on the joy of parenting, because you can never get these years back

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The Hospital Bed Birth Trap | Don’t Get Stuck In Labor

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The Worst Part About The Hospital Bed | Birth Partner’s Don’t Be Fooled

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3 Relationship Problems New Parents Face And How To Avoid Them To Prevent Resentment

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The Truth About Fetal Monitoring You Won’t Find In A Book

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Birth Is Wild, What You Can Do To Ensure It Is Not Out Of Control

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#Momity | I never dreamed of being a mom

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The Great Equalizer aka the Postpartum Pad

Bringing Baby Home

Celebrating Gifts

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Is Bringing Baby Home Helpful for Couples Already in Counseling?

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Hang in There!