My life is a typo...

That's right. I make one little mistake after another. Nothing in my life is perfect and this blog is no different. Here you will find a mash-up of thought about birth, pregnancy, relationships, and parenting. Enjoy!

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Behaviors That Can Help Your Birth Experience

Basket of Eggs

Bad Birth Good Parents, Good Birth Good Parents

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 2.28.04 PM

How to Have More Fun in Labor

photo of closet with dishes stacked inside

Dishes in the Closet

Grumpy Parent Blog Image

A Few Tips for Grumpy Parents

Family Fun in Seattle

Family Fun In Seattle

Blog Image

Childbirth Classes for BIPOC, POC, or LGBTQ+ Families

Copy of Pooping Blog Image

Power Struggles— 5 tips (explained) to avoid them.

Pooping Blog Image

Poop in Childbirth, What You Should Know

Newborn Baby

Tips for Getting a Older Sibling Ready for Labor


Where to Give Birth in Seattle? Home Birth, Birth Center, and Hospital Birth Explained.

Joyful family holding baby's feet

How to Keep Your Love Alive and Well