5 things partners need to know

5 Things Partners Need to Know About the Postpartum Period

1. The postpartum period is not a set amount of time. It can take months or years for a family to feel the transition is complete. Deepening question: Given all you know about you and your partner what expectations do you have for the postpartum period? 2. You need to be a mind reader. Okay,…

4 tips

Top 4 Tips for Tired Parents Who Want To Get Along

Overwhelmed Parents If you are reading this you are likely overwhelmed and tired. The combination of feeling overworked and under-rested is like a monster breathing down your neck. That pressure makes life harder and is one of the key reasons parents argue. You and your partner are both feeling stress and may have different needs…

Amity Kramer Family Support

My Doula Story (by Amity)

I attended my first labor when I was just 16 years old when my older sister gave birth to my niece on my birthday! I witnessed the power of birth that day. I also learned that it is not just about the birth of a baby. Birth is the beginning of a new family with…

relationship books for parents

The Best Books to Read if You Can’t Take a Bringing Baby Home Class

If you were going to read just one book on relationships I think my favorite these days is What Makes Love Last by John Gottman, PH.D. and Nan Silver. The reason I like this book is it give detailed strategies to battle critical and defensive behaviors. These two traits are like a revolving door of doom for otherwise happy couples.…

Remembering the life and death of Martin Luther King Jr.

Remembering the life and death of Martin Luther King Jr.

I believe it is important to talk about life and death openly. Those two events are the two equalizer of humanity and I think it better for all of us to remember that death may be right behind us on a regular basis. The start of this month marked 50 years since the death of…


Why Take a Childbirth Class?

Attending a childbirth class gives parents an opportunity like nothing else in pregnancy. In Seattle and around the Sound, there are a wide variety of class offerings at local hospitals, local nonprofits and independent small businesses, including classes that focus on hypnotherapy, mindfulness, father-coached birth, out-of-hospital births, yoga and birth as a rite of passage.…

4 ways to boost pleasure

Four Simple Ways to Boost Pleasure

1 Smell something yummy. Vanilla, cinnamon, flowers, grass, soap… 2 Next time you wash your hands, linger a moment to enjoy the warm water. 3 Feel something soft. 4 Close your eyes and count to ten.