Newborn babies need to eat every two hours.

You will feed your baby within the first few hours of their life and then keep feeding them--A LOT. When and how to do this is often harder than it looks.

This class will help you feel prepared to feed your baby from the start.

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You and your baby were made to do this— but nursing does not always happen perfectly from the start.

You can set your baby up for the best possible start by being prepared. After attending this class you will know exactly what you need for a successful start to feeding your baby.

With Nourishing Newborns you will discover:​

  • How and why your body makes milk.
  • When your baby is hungry.
  • What to do if it hurts.
  • How to know you are making enough.
  • Explore your hopes and concerns around body feeding, and how to make confident parenting choices.
  • Be able to access key local and online resources to support your efforts.
seattle breastfeeding class

This class is offered online via Zoom, and will cover all you need to know to feed your baby in the early days of parenting.

Expecting families who wish to learn about lactation and body-feeding. The fee includes the adults in your family, or you are welcome to bring a friend, family member, or attend class alone.

COST: $50, or free for anyone who has also signed up for a Birthing From Within childbirth class.

Scholarships available, contact us for details.

LOCATION: All Group Classes will be facilitated online, via Zoom until further notice. You can log in using your phone, tablet, or computer and are welcome to join via video or audio.


Wednesday nights 6:30-9:30

Upcoming Dates:

  • May 1, 2024
  • June 12, 2024
  • August 7, 2024
  • September 4, 2024
  • October 2, 2024
  • November 13, 2024

“My baby was not able to latch properly, and I was devastated. Catherine was wonderful, bringing hope, calm and her expertise to a hard situation. I would recommend her highly to any new parent.” -Courtney, new mom

“Catherine was the answer to turning around a desperate situation of pain and frustration right after giving birth. Her bedside manner was warm and caring, and she provided information and choices that were helpful and empowering. Our follow-up conversations were encouraging and supportive. I give Catherine five stars!…. thank you again!!!!” Jennifer, new mom


Come learn from expert lactation consultant Catherine Fenner, who will lead an informative and meaningful class and be available for home lactation support if needed in the postpartum period.

Start parenting with the information you need

Curious to learn more about the experience of a Nourishing Newborns breastfeeding class? Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions: