Having A Baby Changes Everything.


If you are excited about having a baby, but don't want parenting to put a negative wedge between you and your partner, there are research- based strategies that you can implement, to stay connected.

"It was very helpful & clarifying for us as a couple." 

"Thank you Amity! We had a great time and learned a lot." 

"Thanks so much for the wonderful session, Amity! It was really informative and helpful."

"Thank you again so much for your time & expertise! It was very helpful & clarifying for us as a couple." 

The Bringing Baby Home Gottman Class

This early parenting class and relationship workshop is for people who are pregnant or parenting a child under the age of 3.

This class will help you and your partner feel and less stress as you move through the next stages of life. Your spark will be rejuvenated.

You will spend 2-days with the person/s you love:

  • building tools for a lasting friendship
  • creating equality in parenting
  • improving problem solving skills.

The Bringing Baby Home Gottman class is based on 40+ years of relationship research​ from The Gottman Institute.

Learn simple ways to:​

  • Keep your relationship the priority.
  • Transform fights into connection.
  • Set up your new family for healthy bonding long after the birth.
  • New ways to communicate with love and respect when stressed.
Love Alive Workshop Online

"We had such a sweet evening together after class, reflecting on what was helpful and sharing with each other. We are so grateful!"

"I left feeling validated about the deep connection I already had with my partner and with concrete steps to deepen it for years to come."

Dan, Middle School Teacher

"I feel more prepared going into parenthood having completed this class." 

Kelly, Entrepreneur

"Our class WAS magic! Both of us are so thankful for the experience and the new tools. We both believe our relationship and family dynamic with new baby will ultimately be better because of it." 

-Lanie, expecting parent

"As part of our anniversary Elisabeth and I review the year and we each do a 'high-low-high' from the past year. We both agreed that our weekend with you and the 'Bringing Baby Home' class was a true highlight of the year. It was probably the best thing we've done for our relationship since our pre-marital counseling." 

-Jed, New Dad

2024 Bringing Baby Home Gottman Workshops


Saturdays + Sundays | 9-4 each day

2024 Dates:

  • June 1 & 2
  • August 17 & 18

COST: $455


6 Thursdays | 7-9pm

2024 Dates:

  • July 25 to August 29
  • October 3 to November 7

COST: $220

More Information About Bringing Baby Home


In-person at our classroom in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle or online via Zoom.


Anyone who wants to cultivate intention, a deepening of friendship, and better problem solving skills.


  • Price is per family.
  • Class is free for Family Threshold Members
  • Scholarships are available, email
  • Details about your specific class will be emailed to you the week of your class.


Relationship & Emotion Coaching

Personalized coaching sessions to jumpstart connection in your relationship. Life's too short to get bogged down with squabbles and negativity. Coaching can help shift differences between you and your partner into caring conversations.

Each session is a blend of motivational questioning to uncover your goals, education where needed, problem solving, validation of your efforts, and celebration of your success.

Don’t let parenthood bog down your relationship!

A note from your relationship doula, Amity Kramer.


I have been offering Bringing Baby Home workshops since 2008.

I see the struggles that new families face in our changing world. Having a baby is life changing and can have a huge impact on your relationship.


In fact, the majority of couples report a significant dip in relationship satisfaction within one year of welcoming a baby. Yikes. No one wants to dislike their partner.


Parenting is a wonderful and hard adjustment, and fighting with each other makes everything worse!

This class will give you and your partner relationship tools, and time to practice, so that you can face life as a supportive team. Babies are always welcome to attend with parents.


You can't afford to miss this class.

Repairing a broken relationship is costly in so many ways. Your family deserves all the goodness that comes out of building belonging. Don't miss this opportunity to learn researched-based strategies to improve your relationship.


We offer scholarships to families who need them. Please inquire if that would allow you to attend.

Thank you for reading,




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