Childbirth Classes for BIPOC, POC, or LGBTQ+ Families

There is not a right way to give birth. Each and every person welcoming a baby navigates the journey a bit differently. That is what has always and will always keep birth a mystery. Finding the right childbirth class is one way you can practice making decisions based on your values. By gathering information and…

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Poop in Childbirth, What You Should Know

Poop in Childbirth, What You Should Know **warning potty talk ahead It’s true. You may have been wishful thinking and brushed off the whole pooping in labor thing as one of those urban legends that rarely, if ever, happens. Let me say it loud and clear. You might poop while you’re pushing, on the bed…

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Tips for Getting a Older Sibling Ready for Labor

Newborn Baby

Becoming an older sibling is a pretty big deal! Even if a child is not going to be with their parents at the time of birth, there is a chance that they will see in labor action. It is a good idea to help them get ready for what they might see, as to help…

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Benefits of Childbirth Classes

Why take a childbirth class? Attending a childbirth class gives expecting parents is a unique opportunity to prepare for one of the biggest events of their lives. Attending a childbirth class can deepen under of the birth process, help each parent learn what to expect, and most childbirth classes are even fun. In Seattle and…

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Mentoring vs. Educating in Childbirth Classes

photo of two cliffs signaling the gap between mentoring and educating in mondern childbirth classes.

When most people think of childbirth education they think of an educator or teacher at the front of the room teaching people about the events that might take place in their birth and what options are available to a family. When someone wants to teach Birthing From Within classes they do not go and learn about all…

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Why Take a Birthing From Within Childbirth Class

Comfortable classroom at Thresholds

Why Birthing From Within? You want your birth to be the best experience possible. We all know that birth can not be planned out from start to finish, however, you can do a lot to make your birth a pretty amazing experience. Birthing From Within childbirth preparation is the bridge between the medical events of…

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