Birthing Again classes are for parents who have previously birthed and want to refresh their skills and tools.

THIS SEATTLE CHILDBIRTH REFRESHER COURSE IS FOR YOU- if you feel the urge to take a break from parenting and prepare for the changes of your growing family.

We believe taking the time to prepare = a smoother transition.

Birthing Again Refresher Class

Our childbirth refresher class offers you the time to connect with your new baby (in utero!) and partner, as well as processing previous births, if needed.

You will leave class with a toolbox full of pain-coping practices, comfort measures, and new ways of looking at your journey through labor, birth and parenting. This workshop is rooted in our work with Birthing from Within, which embraces the reality that birth cannot be planned from start to finish and that all people involved in the process should have the tools needed to enhance their journey.

You and your partner will learn ways to:​

  • Cope with pain during labor, including VBAC births.
  • Keep your relationship the priority even with a newborn baby.
  • Connect with your new baby (in utero) and prepare for life with two (or more!)
  • Strategies for sibling preparation and a smooth transition.
  • Set up your new family for healthy bonding after birth.

COST: $75 / couple

WHEN: Saturdays 6:30 – 9:30

2206 Queen Anne Ave N. Suite 304, Seattle, WA 98109

Birth and Pregnancy Doula Amity Kramer


Struggling with your past birth? This class will focus mainly on getting ready for your next labor. We offer a private sessions for Birth Story Listening to help parents heal and grow from challenges of previous births.



Curious to learn more about Birthing Again workshops? Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I take this class?

Anytime during your second or third trimesters.

Can I bring my older child to class?

No. This class is for grown ups only. 

We took a different stlye of class with my first child how will this be different?

Birthing From Within workshops are unlike other classes in that we tailor each class to the exact needs of the group. We also help families dig into their own values and goals and make sure we are honoring what ever it is that they desire. 

We know there are a lot of different ways to give birth and want you to feel supported in your choices! 

Is the cost covered by insurance?

No this class is not covered by insurance. If you need an invoice to submit to your HSA please send us an email and we can get that information to you. 



Choosing your birth doula is an important step in preparing for your upcoming birth.  I want to be sure you feel 100% confident in your choices for your birth team. I offer a free initial consultation in your home or our office to learn more about your needs and answer your questions about my role as a birth doula. No obligation, no cost. Simply a chance to learn more and discern the best fit for your birth needs.  I often meet with potential clients in their 2nd trimester, but you are welcome to call me even at 40 weeks of pregnancy!

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