Conscious Engagement WORKSHOPS


seattle conscious engagement workshop

Our Conscious Engagement workshop offers the opportunity to slow down from all the planning and learn ways to savor your commitment and sharpen your communication skills.

seattle engagement workshop

We believe that good communication + problem solving skills = meaningful marriage.


Our work is a blend of intuitive mentoring and research based information based on 40 years of relationship research from The Gottman Institute .

You will enjoy a rejuvenating weekend with the person you love while learning the building blocks to a secure, balanced relationship.

Each class will cover the practical information, hands-on skills practice, and experienced based learning. There is plenty of time for private couples work and group dialogue. The classes are small with nine couples or less offered in a comfortable classroom.

Certified Gottman Educator and relationship mentor, Amity Kramer, will lead couples in a fun, soulful, and informative retreat that will flow between lecture, couples work, and facilitated group dialogue.

You and your partner will learn simple ways to:

  • Set your marriage up for success
  • Reduce criticism and defensiveness, and transform conflict into connection
  • Avoid negative relationship patterns
  • Build vulnerability and increase fondness and joy

COST: $350

Our classroom is found at 2611 NE 125th Street, Suite #80, Seattle, WA. Free parking.

Curious to learn more about the experience of a Conscious Engagement workshop? Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

When should we take this class?

Anytime before your wedding. 

We get along great, why should we attend the class?

It's great that you get along so well. We want to help you keep it that way! We have seen so many couples over the years wish they had Thresholds style relationship skills from the very start of their marriage. We formed this class to help couples stop negative patters before they start!

I am in a long term relationship with more than one person, can we all come?

Yes, we welcome families of all different make ups. There is an $50 charge or each additional person.


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“I feel more prepared going into parenthood having completed this class.”


“I left feeling validated about the deep connection I already had with my partner and with concrete steps to deepen it for years to come.”

Middle School Teacher

“Our class WAS magic! Both of us are so thankful for the experience and the new tools. We both believe our relationship and family dynamic with new baby will ultimately be better because of it.”


“As part of our anniversary Elisabeth and I review the year and we each do a ‘high-low-high’ from the past year. We both agreed that our weekend with you and the ‘Bringing Baby Home’ class was a true highlight of the year. It was probably the best thing we’ve done for our relationship since our pre-marital counseling.”

New Dad