Honoring the natural flow of family love

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We would love to share with you this wonderful, deeply respectful way of exploring and gently, powerfully opening space to SHIFT systemic roots of suffering, conflict, and symptoms. If you've been hearing about these workshops and wanting to know more, please join us for a taste of Family and Systemic Constellations! Bring your questions, professional and personal.

All Interested People are WARMLY INVITED to come learn experientially with us, in the style and tradition of students of Francesca Mason Boring.

This workshop will leave you:​

  • Inspired by soulful like minded community members.
  • Encouraged to keep doing work!
  • Nourished by the embodied experience of humans on a journey.

WHEN: TBA **pre-registration required

COST: $20-40 suggested donation





Karen Stocker has been studying Family Constellation for over twenty years and will gently engage you every step of the way. There are no requirements to attend.

We want you to come as you are and experience wisdom and group learning. Every session we have plenty of time to dialog and snack with other participants.

This is your opportunity to slow down and listen inward.

Curious to learn more about the experience of a Family Constellation Circles? Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I take this class?

When ever you can!

This is a low-cost high reward offering. Each workshop is different and provides a brand new experience for the participants to grown in understanding about their own relationships. 

What will I be expected to do?

You will be expected to respect your own needs for the entire workshop. Some people enjoy being active participants. Other people like to observe and soak in what is happening around them. Some people do a little of both. Come as you are and participate as you feel comfortable. 

Is it going to be like group therapy?

It's different! Here you can participate in a wide variety of ways, including just resting and observing; there's no need to disclose your own personal information, though you are warmly invited to bring whatever's in your heart!

“Constellation reveals a greater truth that can heal presently as well as backwards and forwards in time. It can change our understanding and ripple in all directions opening up the flow of wellness, of compassion and love, of breath and connection where there had been disconnection or confusion.”

“Constellation work is tool to get a different &/or greater perspective on any issue or question. Useful for problem solving, brainstorming ideas and inspiring new and even unusual possibilities you might not have otherwise thought of.”

“Her facilitation is phenomenological in orientation, allowing her to honor the wisdom of, and respect the internal authority all participants.”

“Karen’s constellations dip you into the mystery of the field of knowing with gentle kindness and wise guidance. She is ever attentive to the needs and movement of the group.”

“Karen’s Constellation work provides me the opportunity to slow down and practice listening within.”

“After a constellation circle, I am kinder and gentler with myself and others. I treasure working with Karen and the group as we share this powerful experience of witnessing, participating, and deep listening together.”

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