As someone who has been called to be a doula, you’ve contemplated birth. And you know that growing a baby, and birthing a baby, and growing a child into a healthy human takes time. So does doula training. It doesn’t happen in an hour, or a few days’ rushed training, or in one book that you read. It takes time.

So the pacing of a doula training has to reflect that – with patience, and depth, and listening to ourselves and each other. Knowing when to move on and when to give more time to a subject. Everything in the doula trainings reflect the process of gestating a baby, birthing a baby, and knowing how to sit… How to sit with time, with reverence, with an uncomfortable topic, or a challenging birth… until it’s finished.

Experience the joy of helping families bring new life into the world!


Just as every birth is unique, your path to doula work will be your own. We offer two models of doula training to best fit your personal and family needs, and to welcome students from outside of Seattle.

enCircle Birth Doula Training

A 7-week, once a week series held in Seattle, WA. This extraordinary small-group workshop prepares you to be a doula. This is the option for you if you live in the Seattle area, or are able to come to Seattle once a week, and want time to digest what you learn.

Upcoming Trainings: Classes meet Tuesdays from 10-4 each day.

2019, Tuesdays, October 1 to November 12th

2020, Tuesdays, January 14th to February 25th

Immersion doula trainings

A retreat style training, or a 4-day intensive doula training.

This doula training option allows you to complete your training in less than a week. Even though the classes are held in multiple consecutive days, there is not a tight agenda to adhere to, and the pace is designed for dialog, questions, and integration of information. This is a great option for you if you have to travel to attend a training, or if you want to combine your training with a vacation and hang out with your fellow students outside of class to keep talking about birth!

Upcoming Trainings: Classes meet 9am-5pm, 4 consecutive days.

2020, January 15-18



Thresholds Classroom

2206 Queen Anne Ave N. Suite 304

Seattle, WA 98109


Cost: $695



People who want to learn about birth and make an impact in their families and community. We welcome all races, genders, ages and create an inclusive environment for all learners.


Save your space in the next doula enCircle doula training.

Curious to learn more about our approach to doula training?

How does this training lead to certification?

Completing this training qualifies doulas to seek certification by PALS, and is approved by the Swedish Doula Program.


Is this training DONA certified?


The curriculum for this doula training was developed by Carrie Kenner and served as a DONA certified training for the past 12 years.

In 2018 Carrie knew she wanted to pass along her training to another person to continue the enCircle tradition. At that time DONA was not training or approving any new trainers. Carrie is an approved trainer, Amity Kramer is not. 

DONA International is still not approving any new trainers. We will continue to wait and as soon as DONA creates an opportunity for approved trainers we hope to get approval.

See letter from DONA below:

“Hi Amity,

I feel your passion for wanting to continue to bring more doulas to the Seattle area and appreciate you wanting to continue the work. Unfortunately, DONA International is not approving any trainers at this time. We have many DONA Approved Trainers that travel to conduct doula training workshops in areas that do not have a resident trainer, if you would like for me to connect you with any trainers in the interim I am happy to assist.


As soon as the Education Department opens up the application process for more trainers I will be sure to let you know.


In the doula spirit,


Melissa Lindow | Certification Coordinator

How do I prepare for this training?

When you register you will receive an email with full information about the class. You will be expected to have read at least one book and a few articles from the following sections.