#Momity | I never dreamed of being a mom

I never dreamed of being a mom.

Other kids would sit at the lunch table and talk about how many kids they wanted to have.
Not me. No thanks.

I saw how much my single mom struggled with the pressure of raising kids. She gave her best to us and it took a toll on her and still does.

My dream at 10 years old was to rent a small house with a garden, have a good job where I could dress nice, and have a partner that respected me.
Fast forward to 2022! My life has had some unexpected turns.
My work is all about supporting families so they do not have to struggle the way my mother did. I also use my intuitive knowing along with research based ideas and strategies to parent my three kids. I do this while trying to stay in like with my husband. I love him lots, but like is more challenging to do 24/7. I am constantly innovating and practicing the tools I teach new parents in my own life. I practice what I preach!
You may see that I tend to keep my post focused on work related stuff like childbirth classes and relationship support. I realize that I might have some good nuggets to share from the time I spend with my family.
My children bring out the best in me. I never thought about having kids when I was a young person. But I’m so glad these stars found their way to me.
Cal is 12
Lane is 14
Ella is 7
They are my teachers. Every. Single. Day.
Much care and love to all you parents who are #buildingbelonging in your own homes. Kids need to know they are accepted just the way they are.
Thanks for reading!

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About Amity Kramer

Amity Kramer has been helping families cultivate unconditional love since 2008. She is a Birthing From Within Mentor, Certified Gottman Educator, and founder of Thresholds. Amity leads soulful workshops for families in transition. She also is a practicing birth and postpartum doula which gives her a unique window into the joys and struggles of family life.

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