An early parenting class that offers an in-depth look at how to harness the power of your emotions and how they can enhance your parenting.

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You want to enjoy your family and make the most of your time together, but sometimes you try everything and it still seems so hard, therefore you need to use your emotions to create ease in your life.

In this parenting class you will discover:​

  • How to break out of negative patterns you have built, that may no longer serve you.
  • The power of embracing an openhearted state more easily and get unstuck from negativity more easily.
  • Ways to safely approach your emotions so you can stay grounded and connected to your best self.

"This class has helped us in so many ways - being aware of, naming & embracing our own emotions; being more emotionally connected in our marriage; and helping our kids process their emotions.  Highly recommend!" M. Kelly

This course is based on the award-winning book It's Not Always Depression, by Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW.

In this 4-session workshop you will learn to understand your emotions (not change them) using a tool called the Change Triangle.

This tool has improved the life of so many people! It is a really simple way to understand the behaviors that don't serve you and help you be more nimble in the emotional moments of life.

What you will learn at Emotion Education for Parents:

  • How to form a more positive relationship to strong emotions.
  • An understanding of how your emotions work in your brain and body.
  • What the compassionate use of validation looks like, and how to use it for yourself and others to move into the openhearted state.
  • How you can face your uncomfortable emotions head-on and not get bogged down with the defensive behaviors that harm your relationships.

"Amity's classes really helped me connect with my emotions which I've struggled to have a connection with my entire life! At 40 years old, better late than never!" K. Gallina

More Information About Emotion Education Early Parenting Class


This workshop flows between lecture, mindfulness practices, and reflection. You can attend with your partner or alone. If you attend alone you will be invited to journal. Couples that attend will have a private conversation.


2024 Dates:

Virtual Classes | 7:00-9:30pm Pacific Time:

  • June 20 to July 18 (No class 7/4)
  • September 5 to September 26
  • November 14 to December 12 (No class 11/28)


Online, via Zoom.


Anyone who wants to cultivate intention in pregnancy and parenting to gain emotional intelligence for better problem solving.


$250 | Price per family

Scholarships are available, email amity@thresholds.info. All are welcome!

"This class reminded us how most things in our lives revolve around our emotions.

Being able to recognize my state of emotion, as well as my partner's, has completely changed the way we communicate.

Also, we have more patience during our children's meltdowns because we are actively using the tools we learned in class."

-B + T, parents of 2 kids age 2 and 5

Would You Like A Private Emotion Education Parenting Class?

Personalized education and coaching.

Jumpstart connection in your relationship with a private coaching session.

Life's too short to get bogged down with squabbles and negativity. Coaching can help shift differences between you and your partner into caring conversations.

Your class will be mentored by:

Frequently Asked Questions

Good parenting starts with healing yourself.

At the heart of almost every parent child meltdown is a parent who is struggling with something unrelated to the child. You know what I mean? You are upset about something else, are running late, overworked, mad at your partner, and boom next thing you are acting grouchy to your kids.

If you want to improve your parenting. Improve yourself first.

Any parenting advice or strategy will fall short if it doesn’t first address the underlying emotional conflicts within the parent.

I say address the conflict because it’s not necessary to solve your problems, that would be impossible. You do need to know what is going on within yourself, so that your history and emotional life is not overflowing negatively to everyone else in your family.

I ask a question in workshops.

“Who wishes they had a better handle on their emotions and could deal with strong emotions more smoothly?”

Almost everyone agrees that this would be helpful.

Don’t you?

I have helped parents individually over the years become more compassionate to their inner self. I’ve seen the trauma reactions reduce and connections fill up the space. On some level anxiety, shame, fear, sadness all can be nurtured into connection.

I LOVE facilitation. It’s my comfort zone. Working with energy and honesty and not hiding from the parts that are hard within a group is powerful medicine.

I also love inner-generational healing.

Over the pandemic I wasn’t teaching as much and needed an outlet from my school aged kids. So, I naturally invested in tons of training!

This learning opened my eyes further and confirmed what I already knew.

Good parenting is about healing yourself.

The wounded parts of us come up when we need them least. Our children should not receive the wrath of our past traumas.

In all of my learning, I have gained so much for my personal growth and that in turn impacts my work, but there was nothing too sticky I could pass on to others when it came to personal accountability.

Then early in the pandemic, I started following the work of Hillary Jacobs Hendel, and learning about The Change Triangle.

THIS WAS STICKY! Soooooo sticky. For me personally. For my clients. The douals I have trained.

It just makes sense and it is easy to use.

So, when there was an opportunity to learn about teaching The Change Triangle in group workshops, I took it! I signed up for the training within 5 minutes of receiving the email.

I am SO excited to bring you this workshop. There are two formats. One an 8-month evening option, the other an accelerated 4-week day time workshop.

This work weaves perfectly into my experience with the transition to parenthood. It is the missing link of personal healing and responsibility that has been missing in the offerings at Thresholds.

Birthing From Within prevents birth trauma and sets a foundation for parenting.

Bringing Baby Home supports deepening relationships and establishes best practices.

But there was not anything that covered the internal journey that happens within a person as they enter parenting.

I know that if you take this workshop alone or with your partner that it will improve all of your relationships. It will help you get away from the harmful critical and defensive behaviors once and for all, but it can't happen unless you take action, therefore you can sign up today to make sure there is room for you in the class that starts next.

If you are not interested in the workshop, check out the Change Triangle. It takes a bunch of complex things and packs them into a simple framework. I want everyone parenting to know about it.


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