The demands of parenting are exhausting. This is your chance to recharge together.  These sessions will help you keep your connection a priority and enhance the passion, respect and joy in you relationship. 

We believe that thriving parents = thriving kids.

Private Love Alive Retreat

If you are in the THICK of parenting a Love Alive Retreat will inspire you be more compassionate to your partner, yourself, and your children. It is so easy to put the relationship on auto pilot and dedicate more energy to work and parenting- because the relationship is strong and you love each other.

Well, you can't do that forever and even though your relationship is strong it deserves your time and attention too!

Our work is a blend of coaching and research based information based on 40 years of research​ on parenting and relationships from The Gottman Institute .  

You and your partner will learn simple ways to:​

  • Keep your relationship the priority.
  • Transform critical and defensive relationship dynamics into connection.
  • New ways to communicate with love and respect when stressed.
  • Revisit the connection that joined you together in the first place.


Private sessions scheduled to fit your schedule.

COST: $150 for a 2 hour session.


2206 Queen Anne Ave N. Suite 304, Seattle, WA 98109

Amity Kramer has been coaching new parents sense 2009. She creates customized sessions that may include movement, art, writing, play, and conversation that will zero in on your goals and desires and leave you inspired to treat each other with a deeper level of respect and care.

Curious to learn more about Love Alive retreats? Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I make a session?

Many couples don’t seek relationship support until it is too late. If you and your partner want to make your relationship the best it can be. If you are parenting a young child— now is your chance.

Can I bring my baby to class with me?

It's best if you can come without your child, but if that is not an option we can work around babies that are under a year old. 

We have tried therapy before and it was not helpful why will this be different?

These session are not therapy. We are going to celebrate what you have done and explore ways that you can improve communication and problem solving. We have a lot of time to practice and get feedback on how you are doing. Relationships are always evolving and this retreat provides the time and space for learning and reflection.   

My spouse is mean, can you make them change?

The approach of these workshops is that EVERYONE has room to grow and change for the better. I hope that everyone leaves with the motivation to adjust their behavior towards the good of the family. Sadly, some people need more time and space to make room for growth. We can't guarantee that the change you are looking for will happen in one session.


3rd Friday Constellation Circle

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Birth Story Healing

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Birthing Again Childbirth Refresher Class

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Ready to infuse your relationship with more LOVE?