The demands of parenting can take a toll on even the most committed couples. If you are one of the many parenting couples who are giving your time an energy into your kids and work and not leaving anything left for your partner this workshop is here to help reset the balance. We know you still love each other this workshop is to help ramp up the feeling of like.

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parenting relationship workshop

We believe that a nurtured relationship = nurturing parenting


This evening is for couples who like each other and are committed to keeping their connection a priority and also want to build relationships with other parents.

The time spent will enhance the passion, respect and joy in your relationship. You will enjoy a rejuvenating evening with the person you love and other caring families, while securing the building blocks to a secure, balanced relationship. 

Thresholds has been offering relationship workshops to Puget Sound families since 2010. Each class will cover the practical information, hands-on skills practice, and experienced based learning. There is plenty of time for private couples work and group dialogue.

Certified Gottman Educator and relationship mentor Amity Kramer will lead couples in a fun, soulful, and informative retreat that will flow between lecture, couples work, and facilitated group dialogue.

This workshop is designed to help you and your partner:

  • Be supported as you grow and change as a individuals.
  • Handle conflict in a way that creates a deeper connection and more support.
  • New ways to end criticism and defensiveness.
  • Exciting tips to keep your sex life alive.

COST: Suggested Donation of $10-30 per family. 

WHO: This workshop is for families who have attended a Birthing From Within or Bringing Baby Home workshop at Thresholds.  

WHEN: You may attend this event during your pregnancy and/or after your baby is born. Babies are welcome. 


Our classroom is found at 2611 NE 125th Street, Suite #80, Seattle, WA. Free parking.

Curious to learn more the Love Alive Support Group & Potluck Dinner? Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I take this class? During pregnancy or once I have a child?

This workshop is designed for parents who are pregnant or have kids under the age of 3. Taking it while pregnant will help you lay a good foundation for your relationship while parenting from day one, but if you already have children it's never too late to nurture your relationship!  If you are pregnant please consider taking this course together with our Birthing from Within childbirth classes - check out our sweet package deals!

Can I bring my baby to class with me?

YES! This is a family friendly session. However you may find it enjoyable to leave your baby at home and enjoy a night out without the kids.

Our family friendly classroom is filled with soft furnishings, yoga balls, pillows and lots of space for babies (and grown-ups if needed) to roll around on the floor. 

We really want to come but are so tired?

Come anyway! You are going to be tired regardless of if you come to this workshop or not. Come and be tired with other new parents and get energized by being part of a community. 


Love Alive Workshop Online

Love Alive Potluck Social

A monthly opportunity to savor what you have, and grow shared meaning.

Love Alive Workshop Online

Love Alive Workshop

A monthly opportunity to savor what you have, and grow shared meaning.


“I have a lot to think about, some big feelings came up, but now instead of vague and deep-buried frustration, I have some specific things to work toward/ topics to address on our date night next week.”


“Love Alive is valuable place for a couple, or individual, to bring whatever is coming up as they adjust to having this baby in their lives.”

“Love alive is a great opportunity to share with each other what might be challenging to share without support.”

“I feel really hopeful about reducing some of the stress in our house!”

“The session was really helpful, especially the visuals you provided and the three pillars we discussed.”