In our 50+ years of combined experience we have supported families from all walks of life, facing many diverse challenges. The practitioners at Thresholds base their work with clients as individuals. Below are a variety of testimonials from clients sharing their experiences with members of our team.

authentic validation + celebration = quality care

“Constellation work is tool to get a different &/or greater perspective on any issue or question. Useful for problem solving, brainstorming ideas and inspiring new and even unusual possibilities you might not have otherwise thought of.”

“Constellation reveals a greater truth that can heal presently as well as backwards and forwards in time. It can change our understanding and ripple in all directions opening up the flow of wellness, of compassion and love, of breath and connection where there had been disconnection or confusion.”

“We took several labor classes, and all were helpful but this was the best one. The difference maker with this class is the community that is formed over that short period of time. It’s almost magical to be able to connect with the other couples who are going through similar and different experiences. Also, BFW brought an necessary emotional component and examined hopes and fears in a challenging but connecting way (connection with both self and with birth partner) to the labor preparation that the other classes seemed to miss. If I had to recommend any birth preparation class to anyone, this would be it.”

- Kim, New Mother

“I feel like, as a couple, my wife and I emerged stronger and more connected. I would highly recommend her workshops to couples who are expecting a child or already have children.”

- Patrick, Father of 2

“The ground below us actually feels a lot more stable as we feel more empowered, knowing that we are doing our best, and that it is enough. Thank you for your time and support.”  M + J, expecting parents

“Class was open & inviting, fun & cooperative, really informative and came away with a sense of ability to deal with what life may toss your way and a deeper appreciation for my partner. Would HIGHLY recommend.”

- Augusta

“We talk about what we learned in your class all the time. It’s just such useful life information, not just birthing information. I’m 5 days out from my due date. Feeling great overall and looking forward to meeting the little one.”

- Kassandra M.

“My husband and I feel like our best selves after receiving the care and support offered by this class.”

The Rathwells, New Parents

“If you do one thing to prepare for a coming babe, TAKE THIS WORKSHOP!”

- Joy, New Mother

“Even more than the practical care that she offered to us, I will never forget the genuine kindness and compassion she gave us at every juncture. There is no greater gift than this to any family during such a tender, sacred time. I’m so grateful to have had her care and highly recommend her to any family in need of postpartum support!”

- Laurie

“My husband and I were confident we needed a class that focused more on changes to our lifestyle and communication as we prepared for a new little one to enter this world but were blown away on how great this class was to improve our communication with each other regardless of the (soon to be) new family member!”

- Ruth, New Parent

“For the majority of our time together, I shared my birth story. Not the image managed, recited version I tell those who inquire. I shared how I felt during labor, the images and memories that have both transformed and haunted me. I felt so held and respected as I shared the intimacies and defining moments of my birth story. The way she listened and asked questions to help me deepen into my own meaning making and unpacking was healing.”

- Katelyn