On-Demand Birthing Classes


Sometimes you need information on your own timeline. Once you sign up for these workshops, some free, some paid, you will gain instant access and can consume on your own timeline.

A Free Class All About Labor Induction

Labor Induction Class

Intentional Induction

When labor induction is required, it's crucial to strive for a positive experience. This course explains the process and assists in incorporating your family values into the induction process.

Cost: Free


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Best Birth Partner 

An essential and concise class designed specifically for birth partners. It covers crucial aspects often overlooked in standard childbirth classes, focusing on the relational support needed during labor.

Cost: Free

For Postpartum

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Prepared Postpartum

Prepare for the initial weeks at home with your newborn. Discover how to handle being alone with your baby and feeling the pressure of early parenthood. Explore simple methods to stay connected and centered during this time.


seattle breastfeeding class

**Coming Soon**

Fighting Fair

It's common knowledge that couples tend to argue more after welcoming a baby. Equipping yourself and your partner with skills to navigate disagreements is crucial during such times. This class is designed to be brief yet effective in addressing these challenges.


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