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Our current class offerings are listed below. You can sign up for one, or scroll down to see some of our childbirth class packages.

We want to keep our classes within reach for all families! We offer scholarships to support accessibility.


1. Early Pregnancy Class

Come learn coping skills and enjoy a creative experience in this private online session.

2. Birthing From Within and Birthing Again Childbirth Class

Childbirth classes that will get you + your partner connected for the journey and feeling ready for the big day! Together we will laugh, learn, feel, practice, and grow! You will learn the truth about childbirth from mentors that are independent thinkers who support families in all birth settings. Attend between 22-35 weeks.


3. Bringing Baby Home

This relationship workshop is based on over 40 years of research from the Gottman Institute. You will learn realistic ways to parent as an engaged team and keep your relationship passion alive. This class can be taken anytime in pregnancy or or after your baby is born.

4. Nourishing Newborns

Know all you need to know about breastfeeding your baby from a lactation consultant who has been practicing for the past 10 years. Attend between 28-36 weeks

5. Get That Baby OUT!

Learn + practice the positions and exercises you need to know to give yourself and your baby the best chance of a smooth and easy labor. The strategies learned in this two hour private session will help give your baby the best opportunity to navigate the birth canal and equip you with tools to use in labor in case your baby gets off track. Attend between 28-36 weeks.

Need a Birth Doula?

Okay, this is not a class but finding a doula is also something we would like to make a little easier for you. It is best to start your doula search between 20-30 weeks. If you are seeing this late in your pregnancy don't fret. We will work with you to find a perfect doula.

Create more harmony in your busy life. 

We want to exceed your expectations and ensure that you feel supported as you embrace the joyful and sometimes scary parts of pregnancy and childbirth.



Rooted Parents (4)
  • Birthing From Within childbirth class ($455)
  • Bringing Baby Home relationship workshop($455)
  • 25% off other Thresholds workshop

$710 (save $200)


Postpartum 911

{most popular!)

  • Early Pregnancy Private Session ($195)
  • Birthing From Within childbirth class ($455)
  • Bringing Baby Home relationship workshop ($455)
  • Get that Baby OUT Labor Positions Private Session($95)

$900 (save $300)


Rooted Parents (2)
  • 20-phone consultation with Catherine Fenner
  • In home lactation visit with Catherine Fenner
  • Bringing Baby Home relationship workshop

$400 (save $125)

I’ve been extremely impressed

“This has been a great class. I’ve been extremely impressed with how you’ve been able to cover a lot of territory while staying somewhat unbiased and not presenting everything as though there is a “right” way. Even if the discussion took an opinionated turn, you gracefully and tactfully steered that thought/ issue/ opinion to a less biased place. I felt comfortable asking any and all questions without feeling awkward or judged by you.”​​​​​​​​​​


gentle, knowledgeable

“Amity was a gentle, knowledgeable and caring facilitator. I definitely feel the time in class has opened me to new ways of being at the center of our birth.”

Joshua R

“We had such a sweet evening together after class, reflecting on what was helpful and sharing with each other. We’re so grateful!”

I sure am glad we took that class!

“We had an amazing birth experience, and taking the Birthing From Within class was very valuable! Jason and I were very thankful for all the knowledge and ways of thinking that you helped open our minds to. Honestly, I believe the class helped my husband most of all! within minutes of Malia being born, he said, “I sure am glad we took that class!”


Feeling great overall

“We talk about what we learned in your class all the time. It’s just such useful life information, not just birthing information. I’m 5 days out from my due date. Feeling great overall and looking forward to meeting the little one.”

Kassandra M.

years as a birth educator and a as doula

“Our instructor, Amity, brought her years as a birth educator and a as doula to create a fun, engaging, and informative learning environment. She provided my wife and I an opportunity to reexamine and become re-energized about your birthing plan. I especially enjoyed that everyone’s vision for their child’s birth was met with encouragement.”


“The ground below us actually feels a lot more stable as we feel more empowered, knowing that we are doing our best, and that it is enough. Thank you for your time and support.”  M + J, expecting parents

a pleasure to be a part of

“The Birthing from Within class taught by Amity was a pleasure to be a part of. My husband and I learned so much in the 3-day weekend course that we will take with us to our birth. Amity was engaging, thoughtful, and so much fun just to watch and listen to! She is a fantastic instructor and it is obvious how gifted she is at being a doula and an instructor. The tools used in the class keep you engaged and focused and the time goes by relatively quickly. We feel lucky to have had Amity as our instructor and it was great meeting the other couples in our class as well.”


it was the emotional learning we tapped into

“We took the weekend intensive Birthing from Within class with Amity. We got what we expected as far as factual learning, what we weren’t expecting is the emotional learning. During our birth it was the emotional learning we tapped into to get us through the unexpected events. Cannot recommend it enough!”


full of wisdom and insight

“The class was excellent. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it, but felt it was absolutely worth it by the time we came out of it. Amity is a gracious and compassionate teacher. She is full of wisdom and insight, with an abundance of humility that allows each parent-to-be to explore and share their own innate wisdom.”

“bag of tools”

“Amity did a great job in preparing us for what to expect (as much as is possible) during labor and especially for the emergency c-section we had to have due to fetal distress. The “bag of tools” we brought into this experience was very valuable for both myself and my partner, and I felt very capable in dealing with my labor as it progressed, encountered some problems, with an eventual transfer to the hospital. Despite these unforeseen circumstances, we felt like we were able to deal with the changing situation because of this class.”

J. & B.

such an inspiring mentor.

“Thank you so much for being such an inspiring mentor. You have taught me to trust in the natural process of childbirth, and you have instilled a great confidence in myself and my abilities to provide as a partner for my wife.”


so hugely grateful

“I am so hugely grateful we were able to meet and that Kerry and I were able to learn so much from you in our weekend immersion. You should know, that class brought us so much closer together as a couple, and we feel truly blessed to have gained so much from it. Thank you again for your wisdom and teachings.”


one of the most attentive teachers

“She was one of the most attentive teachers, answering every question that came to mind – and having the patience to wait for those questions to arise. She really took the time to get to know us and figure out what kind of experience for which we were hoping. Furthermore, it wasn’t just the physical act of birth – she really helped us focus on our relationship and communication as a couple. It was the perfect balance of the hard (and kind of scary!) realities of birth mixed with the encouragement and support we needed. I think we both left the class feeling better informed and more prepared, but also excited for what was going to happen. We are so grateful.”

Sarah C.

socially progressive region

“Like many parents living in a socially progressive region, of course we had already done a great deal of reading and sought other ways of educating ourselves. This class gave us the opportunity to compare the methods we were already aware of with alternatives, and the methods being considered by our fellow classmates.”

I would recommend this class to any pregnant woman or her partner

“I would recommend this class to any pregnant woman or her partner. It was a truly unique and wonderful way for me to connect to my fears and questions about labor, and the fears of my partner and talk about how to cope with them honestly. We feel so prepared for birth and have learned so much about each other; I can’t imagine how I would feel if we hadn’t had some of the exercises that helped prepare us. Amity really helped each person (not just the mothers!) to look deeper than his/her questions to see what issues were beneath. Our class was the highlight of my week, everyone felt safe enough to contribute, and I will miss it very much in the last few weeks before my baby comes!”