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It's normal to have all sorts of feelings about birth. We know that you don't want the worry to be a dark cloud hanging over your birth experience. You can embrace and cope with the joyful and yes, sometimes scary parts of pregnancy and childbirth.

We know you will get through birth, but we also know your birth can be SO much more than something to endure. We will support you so that you can thrive during your pregnancy, in labor, and after your baby is born. We want to keep our classes within reach for all families! We offer scholarships to support accessibility.

- Amity, Thresholds Founder

Prepare for Birth & Baby with our Childbirth & Newborn Classes

Our Birthing from Within childbirth classes now include both our Prepared Postpartum Workshop and the Nourishing Newborns workshop. Not only will you be fully prepared to give birth, you will also have a solid plan in place to support a wonderful postpartum experience, and the breastfeeding education you need for a great start to feeding your baby.

Now enjoy all 3 classes in one package!

Birthing From Within

Get ready and excited for the big day! Leave knowing you and your partner will be prepared. We also offer a Birthing Again workshop for those of you having another baby.

+ Prepared Postpartum Workshop

No one wants chaos in the early days of parenting! Create a solid plan for your postpartum experience.  Create your plan for a confident, supported, and nourishing postpartum experience.

+ Nourishing Newborns Breastfeeding Class

Learn all you need to know about breastfeeding your baby from a lactation consultant who has been practicing for the past 10 years.



Bringing Baby Home

Learn researched based skills to support your relationship as you are parenting. This class is designed for parents with kids 3 and under.

Birth Story Healing

Explore your inner terrain and gain a perspective about your journey that will allow for healing and personal growth.

Birthing Again Class

Spend time connecting to your new baby and to your partner as you refresh your skills and prepare for life with another baby.

Get That Baby OUT!

Give yourself and your baby the best chance of a smooth and easy labor. Learn strategies in this two-hour private, online session that will help you give your baby the best opportunity to navigate the birth canal. Attend between 28-36 weeks.

Need a Birth Doula?

Okay, this is not a class but finding a doula is also something we would like to make a little easier for you. It is best to start your doula search between 20-30 weeks. If you are seeing this late in your pregnancy don't fret. We will work with you to find a perfect doula.