The moment when you realize you are finally alone with your baby - and 100% responsible for their wellbeing? For most new parents there is a unique blend of amazement and terror. We're here to help.

This is the moment when the pile-up begins. The kind of piles that start to accumulate is different from family to family but normally consist of dishes, laundry, strong emotions, questions about the baby, recycling, email mail and paper mail, and random baby stuff you didn't even know you owned, you get the picture.

After you have a baby is is hard to accomplish task that are not related directly to self care and baby care. This is where a postpartum doula comes in. We are here to get you emotional support and help you prioritize, manage, and sometimes tackle what ever has been piling up in your life.

Knowing you have someone to support you can provide a peace of mind for families. Our work is an essential safety net for new parents and is a missing piece in the current model of care in our culture. Emotional and practical support is overlooked in a society that encourages independence and self reliance.

Our work will help you feel relaxed and able to prioritize sleep and family bonding in the early weeks of parenting.

We value the unique traits of each family and work with all families in throughout the Seattle> Learn more about my background and training as a birth doula and educator.


After you have a baby, you need experienced, knowledgeable and reliable support. Hiring a postpartum doula doula includes:

  • Free 30-minute interview
  • Phone & email support during late pregnancy & postpartum.
  • Practical support around baby care and
  • Emotional support around your role as a new parent
  • Education as needed to support your postpartum experience
  • Meal prep for your family
  • Support with older children
  • 20% discount to our Nourishing Newborns breastfeeding class

or... get the emotional support you need via video chat

Private new parent mentoring is a great addition to traditional supports, helping you to feel truly nourished during your transition.

Sometimes traditional classes leave families wanting a little bit more; it might feel as though some key piece is missing. When you work with Amity for private new-parent mentoring our dialogue (similar to coaching)  will provide the time and space for you to expand your perspective and connect with your intuition.

Each private session will be tailored just for you based on your unique needs and interests. Along with the planned topics, sessions often bring up unexpected ideas or feelings. Parents often feel both relief and motivation after a session.

Sessions may include emotional support, education, encouragement, process art projects, visualizations, mindfulness practices and much more.

AVAILABILITY: Sessions for individuals or couples are available in the Seattle area or online via Zoom. A 60-90 minute sessions is $90.

Amity Kramer Seattle Doula and Educator

Choosing your postpartum doula is an important step in preparing for your upcoming birth.  We want to be sure you feel 100% confident in your choices for your postpartum team. We offer a free initial consultation in your home or our office to learn more about your needs and answer your questions about our role as a postpartum doula. No obligation, no cost. Simply a chance to learn more and discern the best fit for your birth needs.  We often meet with potential clients in their 2nd trimester, but you are welcome to contact us even at 40 weeks of pregnancy or after the baby is born!

Curious to learn more about the experience of working with us postpartum doula? Here are some FAQ to help you out:

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