We Can See Your Undies

Dear Pregnant People,

We can all see your cute undies through your black leggings.

I like to break myths about pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period and help families thrive with realistic expectations.

In almost every workshop when I ask parents what they hope to learn about, one parent says “I want to know all the things I don’t know to ask about.”

That is a great question.

When I am in workshop with families there is one truth that I can’t bring myself to say out loud to the group. But here on this blog, I hope to share this information with you to prevent future emotional discomfort to all parties involved.

I want you to know that if you ware a pair of black leggings late in pregnancy it is quite possible that everyone can see your undies through the worn fabric.

It is not your fault that we can see your undies:

  • Pregnancy leggings are often made from low quality materials.
  • You body is getting bigger and bigger for a very good reason. Sadly your leggings don’t grow with you. They stretch and that stretching is what makes tiny little holes that people can see through.
  • It does not make any sense to drop money on a bigger size right before your due date on a pair of pants you really don’t need.

You have a few options if you don’t people to see your undies.

  1. Ware solid undies that match your skin tone.
  2. Bring back the 1990’s fashion trend and tie a long sleeved shirt around your waist.
  3. Get a few skirts that will cover your back-side.
  4. Invest in long shirts that will cover.
  5. Before you bend over look around to see if you are comfortable with who’s watching. 

I hope this is helpful to you on your pregnancy journey.

In joy + love,


About Amity Kramer

Amity Kramer has been helping families cultivate unconditional love since 2008. She is a Birthing From Within Mentor, Certified Gottman Educator, and founder of Thresholds. Amity leads soulful workshops for families in transition. She also is a practicing birth and postpartum doula which gives her a unique window into the joys and struggles of family life.

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