A Few Tips for Grumpy Parents

No one wants to be a grumpy parent. Here are a few ways you can snap out of it!

Every parent will have their bad days now and then. That is just part of parenting. If grumpy parenting moments become frequent in your home here are a few ideas on what you can do to shift the mood. There is not single right way to improve your parenting vibe. You have to do what feels right for you. Take a look below and also look within to tap into what you really need to face tomorrow with a better attitude.

Do you need a little alone time?

Sometimes parents are quick to anger because they are in need of alone time. Not only time away from the baby or children, but from everyone! Yep, just you and your own thoughts and feelings. I know it can be hard to get alone time with all the things you have to juggle. If you can wedge out 10 – 40 minutes here and there may help your nerves and help you be a better parent.  

More joyful moments

Another problem that can surface without you even noticing is not getting enough positive interactions with your child. For any relationship to be in the positive range there needs to be 20 positive interactions to every 1 negative one.  This can be SOOOO hard to do with kids because they are going to push your buttons (it is their job!). So, finding little ways to play, smile, hug, slow down, break the rules (not the big ones, but some of the little stuff that bring on power struggles that could have been avoided), eating together, reading books, and all of the other things that people often times don’t have extra time for. Slow down long enough to notice the spark in your child. Find gratitude for that spark– even when that very same spark drives you bugs you part of the time. 

It can be hard to find the balance between keeping the grown-up things in your life focused and put together and giving into the mess and joys of parenting. 

Raising kids is one new parenting phase after another. You are doing a great job. Your child is AMAZING and you are a great parent. One thing that doesn’t change is that the things they do to push your buttons now will get replaced in a week or so with a new annoyance. That is the joy of parenting. 🙂 

More resources:

I have a whole list of books on my website that you can explore if you like here

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This website has tricks for becoming a toddler whisperer. I can’t do this perfectly yet but when I deliver these types of statements to my children with a cool vibe, I feel like a master parent! The entire website is wonderful but this page is the most direct and specific. 




Good luck!

About Amity Kramer

Amity Kramer has been helping families cultivate unconditional love since 2008. She is a Birthing From Within Mentor, Certified Gottman Educator, and founder of Thresholds. Amity leads soulful workshops for families in transition. She also is a practicing birth and postpartum doula which gives her a unique window into the joys and struggles of family life.

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