Bad Birth Good Parents, Good Birth Good Parents

Your eggs are not all in one basket!⁠

When it comes to being a great parent there are SO many things other than a perfect birth experience that will make you the best parent your baby could ever have.⁠

Here are a few other things that you will do for your baby over and over again that will shape your role as a parent.⁠

Talk to your baby. Babies love the sound of your voice. You can use your voice to soothe them before and after they are born.⁠

You smell fantastic! Babies love the way you smell. The way you smell is going to be so soothing for them.⁠

More skin to skin please. Babies love your touch. Holding them, stroking them, and letting them hold your finger with their little hand is a connection.⁠

Energy work. Babies also feel your energy. So, one thing you can do to be a great parent is to take care of yourself so that when you are with your child you are sending them energy that will aid the connection. I know it is hard to find the time, but even doing a few things a day can help you get grounded. When parents are stressed EVERYTHING is harder.⁠

At Thresholds we offer workshops to help parents be on the same page and gain new skills to remain in connection with each other and their baby. You can learn more about all of our workshops by following the link in the bio.⁠

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