Quiz | Do You Have These 4 Skills That Are Needed For Healthy Relationships

Raising kids comes with a lot of joy and a load of new challenges.

This quiz will asses your skill level for 4 traits that create the foundation for healthy problem solving with your parenting partner.

This isn't about measuring the depth of your love for them.

In many families I assist, the love is profound, yet the relationship skills may weaken over time.

To enhance these areas, answer the questions and review the tips provided below.

Take The 4 Question Relationship Quiz for Parents

1. How easily can you vocalize taking responsibility for actions that have hurt your partner?

Choose Your Answer:

  • I excel at owning up to my mistakes and taking responsibility for any harm caused. (3 points)
  • If I make a serious mistake, I am capable of acknowledging it and offering an apology.(2 points)
  • I don't believe in apologies. (1 points)

2. Can you express your needs and frustrations with minimal criticism?

Choose Your Answer:

  • I can usually express myself well. (3 points)
  • Occasionally, it takes me a while to gather my thoughts. (2 points)
  • On rare occasions, I speak honestly even if it may be a bit painful. (1 points)

3. Can you maintain a sense of kindness and compassion when dealing with the minor inconveniences and expected drama caused by children in the household?

Choose Your Answer:

  • Most of the time I respond mindfully to the chaos. (3 points)
  • I sometime respond to upset mindfully, but often I just get upset too. (2 points)
  • I often get overwhelmed when the kids are acting up, and I just blow up or tune them out. (1 points)

4. Can you find the courage to embrace and learn from topics and actions that initially make you feel uncomfortable?

Choose Your Answer:

  • I enjoy looking at hard problems and let my adventurous spirit and love of lifelong learning be my guide. (3 points)
  • It might take me a while, but I get around to being open to my partner's ideas and desires. (2 points)
  • Most of my partner's ideas don't feel right to me-- so I don't really engage anymore.  (1 points)

Healthy Relationship Skills Quiz Results

If most of your answers were worth 3 points:

Congratulations! You are rocking the 4 of the most important skills it takes to keep a relationship healthy. Keep up the good work.


If most of your answers were worth 2 points: 

You are doing your best but parenting life might be weighing you down. Here are a few ideas to be more connected to yourself and your partner.

  • Start or refresh an old hobby. There is nothing like learning something new to fire up your brain.
  • If you are overly tired, try to go to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal. More sleep can improve your mood.
  • Read or listen to a book about relationships that will offer motivation and refresh your skills.

If most of your answers were worth 1 point:

Long Term relationships are hard and require continual effort from each person. You and your partner need to do some work to reestablish the foundation of problem solving. This might be best with 3rd parties to teach new skills and help you stay on track.

The reason I do this work is so that kids can have a better start in life. When parents can't get along well, the kids end up suffering. It's important that you keep working to strengthen your skills-- because you will always be in relationships!!

Humans can't live without them.


We have some early parenting classes offered online or in-person,  that can help you:

  • feel validated
  • gain skills
  • get motivated
  • return to higher level of relationship satisfaction.

Bringing Baby Home is a parenting class that was designed using over 40 years of relationship research from The Gottman Institute.

Emotional Education for Parenting is a class that helps parents connect to their own emotions so that they can provide emotional support to their partner and their child. Based on the book, It's Not Always Depression, by Hillary Hendel Jacobs. 

Do you know someone who might benefit from attending these workshops? If so, please pass the info along to them.


Let me know if you have any questions about the workshops. You are welcome to reach out to me by email at amity@thresholds.info.

About Amity Kramer

Amity Kramer has been helping families cultivate unconditional love since 2008. She is a Birthing From Within Mentor, Certified Gottman Educator, and founder of Thresholds. Amity leads soulful workshops for families in transition. She also is a practicing birth and postpartum doula which gives her a unique window into the joys and struggles of family life.