You are excited about having a baby and know it's going to be a lot of work, but don't want parenting to be a wedge between you and your partner, therefore learning researched based ways to stay connected is the key to a successful long term relationship.

Bringing Baby Home Workshop

This parenting and relationship workshop will help you and your partner feel more love and less stress as you move through the early years of parenting. 

Your romance will be rejuvenated. You will spend two-days with the person you love, building tools for a lasting friendship, equality in parenting, and meaningful problem solving. Don't let the name fool you. This workshop is for anyone pregnant or parenting a human under the age of 3.

The Bringing Baby Home workshop is based 40+ years of relationship research​ from The Gottman Institute.

You and your partner will learn simple ways to:​

  • Keep your relationship the priority.
  • Transform fights into connection.
  • Set up your new family for healthy bonding long after the birth.
  • New ways to communicate with love and respect when stressed.

Thresholds has been offering Bringing Baby Home workshops since 2008, and we see the struggles that new families face in our changing world. Bringing a baby home is life changing and can have a huge impact on your relationship. In fact, the majority of couples report a signifiant dip in relationship satisfaction within one year after they welcome a baby. Yikes. No one wants that!

Parenting is a wonderful and hard adjustment, and fighting with each other makes everything worse!

Each class will give you and your partner relationship tools and time to practice so that you can face life as a supportive team.

The classes are small groups and are offered online where you can be in the comfort of your own home. Babies are always welcome!

Don't miss this opportunity to learn researched based strategies to improve your relationship.

"It was very helpful & clarifying for us as a couple." 

"Thank you Amity! We had a great time and learned a lot." 

"Thanks so much for the wonderful session, Amity! It was really informative and helpful."

"Thank you again so much for your time & expertise! It was very helpful & clarifying for us as a couple." 

BBH 800 x 533
Seattle Bringing Baby Home Workshop


Families who want to cultivate intention, a deepening of friendship, and better problem solving skills. You are welcome to join if you are expecting a baby or parenting a child under 3, adoptive parents, LGBTQ families, and families of color.

Saturdays + Sundays 9-4 each day.

2021 Dates:

  • October 9 & 10

2022 Dates:

  • January 15 & 16
  • March 19 & 20
  • June 4 & 5
  • August, 13 & 14
  • September 17 & 18
  • October 15 & 16

COST: $355

Price per family. Includes home study workbook that will be mailed to you before the class.

Log in details about your specific class will be emailed to you the week of class. We use the Zoom platform and you can join from a phone, tablet, or computer. You have the option to join your audio or video.

Scholarships are available.

Microsoft or Amazon employee? Lucky you! Baby Home workshops are covered in full for Microsoft employees. You must call your EAP and let them know you are planning to attend. For people working for Amazon, it has been reported by past clients that a reimbursement can be accessed via the community wellness/nicotine dependency benifit.

Don’t let parenthood bog down your relationship down!

Curious to learn more about the experience of a Bringing Home Baby Workshops? Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I take this class? During pregnancy or once I have a child?

Bringing Baby Home is designed for parents who are pregnant or have kids under the age of 3. Really you can take it whenever the time feels right. Taking it while pregnant will help you lay a good foundation for your relationship while parenting from day one, but if you already have children it's never too late to nurture your relationship!  If you are pregnant please consider taking this course together with our Birthing from Within childbirth classes - check out our sweet package deals!

Can I bring my baby to class with me?

If you already have a baby they can come with you to class if they are pre-crawling (usually before 6 months of age).

When our classes resume in-person our family friendly classroom is filled with soft furnishings, yoga balls, pillows and lots of space for babies (and grown-ups if needed) to roll around on the floor.

We have a toddler? Is it still ok to attend?

Absolutely. The class is designed for parents of children under the age of 3. If your child is over 6 months it is best to arrange childcare during the workshop so that you will have time to focus on your partner.  

Is the cost covered by insurance?

The class fee is covered in full for Microsoft Employees! To our understanding the class is not covered by other insurance companies at this time. 

Do you provide parenting resources?

Absolutely. Along with our blog, we share plenty of excellent online and print resources for you to choose from to enhance your parenting and relationship experience.  To get you started, we have included a few favorite parenting resources here.

Ready to BABY PROOF your relationship?

“We had such a sweet evening together after class, reflecting on what was helpful and sharing with each other. We’re so grateful!”

“Our class WAS magic! Both of us are so thankful for the experience and the new tools. We both believe our relationship and family dynamic with new baby will ultimately be better because of it.”


“I left feeling validated about the deep connection I already had with my partner and with concrete steps to deepen it for years to come.”

Middle School Teacher

“I feel more prepared going into parenthood having completed this class.”


“As part of our anniversary Elisabeth and I review the year and we each do a ‘high-low-high’ from the past year. We both agreed that our weekend with you and the ‘Bringing Baby Home’ class was a true highlight of the year. It was probably the best thing we’ve done for our relationship since our pre-marital counseling.”

New Dad


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