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Sweet Deal On Childbirth & Parenting Classes

It can be hard to find the right balance between work and rest.

Do you keep doing all of the things but somehow the to-do list keeps getting longer?

And sometimes struggle to get on the same page as your partner without nagging?

If you feel disconnected from the birth information you have been consuming and are really hoping the birth will just work out by some force of magic-- but wish you could finally feel prepared.

You are not alone.

Having a baby brings up so many things that are brand new! If you have ever wished you had someone you could call and talk to that won't give you a story that is overly simplified or a drama filled tale, I am here to help.

This is right for you if you:

  • Know that there is something more to birth than just gathering information and want to tap into your own wisdom. 
  • Want to be deeply connected to your partner during this journey and don't like that they get treated like an accessory in the process.
  • Desire that this transformation enhances your flexibility and intuition.

I've been working with families the past 15 years.

I have learned that the three factors that will impact your future are your pregnancy and birth experience, the strength of your relationships, and how comfortable you are at embracing your emotions.

It is common for new parents to have a significant drop in relationship satisfaction after their baby is born. This is a big problem because when parents have a distressed relationship it has a negative impact on the baby.

Buy the All-Access-Pass and get access to 3 core workshops that are offered at Thresholds. These will help you start learning what you need to know to feel connected, rested, and confident that you will thrive in birth and parenting.

Feel READY and EXCITED to birth and parent your baby!

We feel so prepared for birth and have learned so much about each other; Amity really helped each person (not just the mothers!) to look deeper than their questions to see what issues were beneath."

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Amity was a gentle, knowledgeable and caring facilitator. I definitely feel the time in class has opened me to new ways of being at the center of our birth."

Sweet Deal-All-Access Pass Includes:

Birthing From Within ($250 value)

Spend time connecting to your new baby and to your partner as you refresh your skills and prepare for life with another baby.



Emotion Education ($250 value)

Everyone wants to be a good parent and give something better to their kids, but our worst habits can get in the way, so we created this class just for parents to gain more understanding and control of their emotions.

Bringing Baby Home ($455 value)

You love your partner and your relationship is strong, but you know parenting can takes its toll, therefore getting the best research based tools is important to make it through the next few years together.

Sweet Deal-All-Access Pass FAQ

What Parents Saying About Thresholds:

"This has been a great class. I've been extremely impressed with how you've been able to cover a lot of territory while staying somewhat unbiased and not presenting everything as though there is a "right" way. Even if the discussion took an opinionated turn, you gracefully and tactfully steered that thought/ issue/ opinion to a less biased place. I felt comfortable asking any and all questions without feeling awkward or judged by you."​​​​​​​​​​

"We had an amazing birth experience, and taking the Birthing From Within class was very valuable! Jason and I were very thankful for all the knowledge and ways of thinking that you helped open our minds to. Honestly, I believe the class helped my husband most of all! Within minutes of Malia being born, he said, "I sure am glad we took that class!"

More Information:

WHO: We welcome and include all families including but not limited to single parents who wish to take class alone or with a friend, family member or doula, queer + poly families, and families of color.

WHEN: You have 3 years from the date of purchase to attend all of the workshops.

You can take all of the classes before your baby arrives, or take the birth related classes before and the relationship and emotion education after the baby arrives.

Scholarships are available please reach out if you would like to attend. All are welcome!!

HOW: After you register you will receive a code that allows you to register for class at no cost.

COST: $650


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